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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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moisture you see moving in is either freezing rain or sleet. again, it's freezing on contact with the surface. especially the untreated surfaces. through the lehigh valley around the allentown area northampton county across 476 and 78 this could be some pretty good snowfall. but also a wintry mix as well. especially as you get into parts of upper bucks county some freezing rain or sleet here. not good driving conditions when you encounter this. upper montgomery county across 476, same thing, sleet or freezing rain where you see the pink coloring. even into chester county downingtown could see a bit of a wintry mix. new castle county through gloucester county we're seeing spotty, light precip. again, freezing on contact with our temperatures below freezing at this moment. we don't expect these to rise above freezing through the overnight hours. it will stay a concern overnight and even into early tomorrow morning. we're below freezing in the 20s for most of the area. as we go through the rest of the evening, we still expect below freezing temperatures. by 7:00 right around the upper
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20s freezing drizzle or freezing rain. by 9:00, freezing rain as well or even that wintry mix as we get closer to 11:00. we could see freezing rain sleet or even some light snow. more details on the timing of this. our team coverage continues with nbc10 doug shimell live in stormforce10. >> drivers in the poconos and lehigh valley saw a lot of problems on the roads today. >> reporter: exactly. we may be in for sort of a recreation right now. we're on tillman street on the west side of allentown. you can probably see the snow falling. streets -- tillman had been clear up until about 30 minutes ago. starting to get another toting toting -- coating of snow and sleet. this has been the story throughout the day. this early weak psych of snow and ice in the lehigh valley and poconos is bordering on -- >> hellish. >> reporter: temperature didn't get above freezing and everything that fell on top of the ice, stuck to it.
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the stroudsburg school district and many others decided it's better to add a day of class at the end of school year than have regrets today. >> the safety of our kids the safety of our staff. not having parents have to you know, run all over the place, try to pick kids up or panic about what they're going to do. >> i was coming up hill and started to slide backwards. >> reporter: roads that didn't look bad in pocono township were. >> it's got ice underneath and slow on top. it's like slush on ice. >> reporter: it did make tucker ray justice feel slightly better when the tow truck sent to rescue him also had trouble getting up that hill. >> first time in 37 years i ever been stuck in a tractor-trailer. >> reporter: of course nothing that ray said he was too terribly proud of because the roads, they didn't look bad but they were. we have barely a coating but folks are obviously paying attention, slowing down. we're still on tillman street
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exiting the west end of allentown. penndot, turnpike commission all of them plan on going overnight with crews salting and, where needed plowing. doug shimell, "nbc10 news." we're keeping an eye on the roads through our system of traffic cameras throughout the area. this is route 13 in smyrna delaware. people there are seeing sleet and freezing rain. that could make for slick conditions on untreated surfaces. this winter doesn't look like last year's snowy mess but don't be fooled. officials in new jersey say ice can be deceiving when compared to snow with more sleet and freezing rain expected ahead. warning signs are posted across the region. tonight officers are reminding motorists to be aware of ice and their surroundings. with these icy conditions expected through the night, use the nbc10 app to stay on top of the latest weather updates. enter active radar, video, forecast from our nbc10
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meteorologists as well. also tonight, new information in the killing of a student at millersville university. gregorio orrostieta is under arrest. >> rosemary connors live at court mousehouse gave an update. >> reporter: prosecutors say the boyfriend waited two hours before calling 911. when he teld he told officers karlie had gone into cardiac arrest. he said he performed cpr. but according to her autopsy, that's not how she died. >> she was just starting her life and everything. unfortunate. >> reporter: students at millersville university walked to classes today with heavy hearts remembering a life snatched away too soon.
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18-year-old karlie hall of chad's ford was strangled and beaten. her boyfriend, 19-year-old gregorio orrostieta of kennett square is being charged. >> her injuries were worse than a backhand slap and push. >> reporter: the suspect told police he only hit karlie twice, and is not consistent with her autopsy. while he allegedly told officers he and karlie were both physically fighting each other, the da wouldn't comment on the suspect's apparent injuries. in just a few hours before karlie was murdered at her dorm, she changed her facebook profile picture to this image of her and her boyfriend. >> you look at somebody who has her life ahead of her. her first year of college. this isn't the way that it should end up. >> you can tell everyone is kind of feeling the loss. >> reporter: on campus karlie's death sparked discussion among students about domestic violence.
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>> we take a whole bunch of class before school actually starts about domestic abuse, how it's a real problem. after this it really is an eye-opener for us. it's actually a real thing. it's tragic. >> reporter: the campus at millersville will hold a vigil for karlie thinking and praying for her family including her twin center strsister who is also at millersville. my colleague will pick up the story tonight at 11:00. outside the lancaster county courthouse, rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." philadelphia police are looking into a reported assault of a jefferson septa station in center city. this is the former market east station. the victim says a man attacked her just after 1:00 this afternoon in a secluded area of the station. medics took her to a hospital to be checked out.
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investigators have not arrested anyone yet. we have new information on a local police dispatcher accused of deadly -- a deadly drunk driving crash in atlantic county. nbc10 has learned richard daugherty has a prior dui on his record from 2001. he was arrested last friday when investigators say he was driving under the influence and hit and killed a man walking in galloway township. he's been suspended as a dispatcher. we reached out to the chief who says he can't comment on the case because it's an ongoing criminal investigation. attacked and arrested. that's what the emcee of atlantic city boat show is saying and now filing a complaint against a local police officer. he captured it on video and posted it online. nbc10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg live in atlantic city. how are police responding to these claims? >> reporter: tonight atlantic city's police chief is standing behind his officers and he says
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all of this could have been avoided if the man they arrested had just cooperated in the first place. >> get off me! stop touching me! >> reporter: aaron bland says this is what unfolded after a long day of working as emcee of the atlantic city boat show. >> we're in here supporting the town's economy and we can't even walk to the store. it's ridiculous. >> i didn't do nothing! i didn't do anything. >> reporter: the maryland man says an officer stopped him and colleague meg jones around 9:30 saturday night as they walked on atlantic avenue near tropicana and told him he resembled someone she was looking for. >> i'm like we don't look like anybody that has anything to do with you. >> reporter: he claims things got physical when he pulled out his cell phone and started recording video. >> she started grabbing me, hitting me. >> reporter: more officers soon arrived. >> they tackled him to the ground. they have his knees in his throat. restraining him very aggressive aggressively.
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>> what is wrong with you? i didn't do anything. >> are you out of your mind? >> are you arresting me. >> reporter: atlantic city police says bland refused to cooperate with the officer who stopped him, pushed her and ran away. bland denies he pushed the officer. insists he was way the entire time. and says he suffered some scrapes. police took him into custody and then charged him with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice. >> what could i possibly be obstructing if i didn't do anything in the first place to be under arrest to resist arrest for? >> reporter: now, bland filed this complaint against the officer who stopped him. that will now be invest galtd by the police department's internal affairs section. live tonight, ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." new information right now on a carbon monoxide scare at radner police station. crews took one work toert hospital to be checked out. authorities are still ventilating this building after high readings of carbon monoxide were discovered about two hours
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ago. the board of commissioners has also canceled its meeting there tonight. crews believe the gas might be coming from a generator. we also have new information on a court hearing that could determine if the sale of the former revel casino in atlantic city will go through. tornados for revel say they will cancel a deal to sell the former casino to a florida developer. doesn't close by midnight tonight but would be buyer glenn stroud says he can't close the deal by then due to uncertainty over former rights of businesses that rented space at the acasino. new at 6:00, local union leaders made a big donation today to help bring the democratic national convention to philadelphia next year. nbc10 was there today as reps from three of those city's biggest labor unions presented checks to ed rendell totaling $300,000. their donations are part of an ongoing effort to show democrats in the city can raise enough money to bring the convention here. philadelphia, one of three
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finalists in the running to host the convention along with columbus, ohio, and brooklyn, new york. next an "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- investigators uncover new information about a pile of tax documents found lying on the street. why the information on those records doesn't add up. plus time's running out to sign up for obamacare. the fast-approaching deadline and why the new law could change the way you file your taxes this year. and i'm watching a wintry mix move in. most is sleet or freezing rain so we're also talking about icy roads. i'll show you which areas are at the biggest threat for this and how your morning commute will look coming up.
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dozens of tax documents discovered on a philadelphia street. >> now harry hairston and nbc10 investigators have learned this may be a case of tax fraud. the investigators went to some of the addresses listed on the documents but the people they spoke with didn't even recognize the names listed. in some cases, as many as four people with different last names showed the same address on their returns. a financial adviser we spoke with says, that's suspicious. >> that's a red flag for sure. it's just -- that's typical fraud. that's what you look for in a fraud case. you know, a fraud situation.
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>> the irs tells us they will send an investigator to pick up the tax forms that we found. parents in a montgomery county community say they will fight to save two elementary schools from the chopping block. the school district has-s wrestling with decision of whether to close arrowhead elementary and/or audubon elementary school. they say it's because of declining enrollment but parents we talked to fear the closing of these schools will have a negative impact on their children's education. school board has not voted on the measure just yet and will take public comment coming up later this month. camden wants to talk about a new standardized test in new jersey called the parcc. all students in third through 11th grades will take it but critics say students and teachers have not had enough time to prepare for the exam and its just adding to the growing trend of overtesting. some parents are even pushing for a new law that would allow students to opt out. the camden school district has set up a series of meetings to
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answer parents' question. tonight at woodrow wilson high school. four others will take place throughout the month. a reminder for those who do not have health insurance. this sunday the 15th it's the last day you can sign up for coverage under aca, the affordable care act. it's an important year for the new law up. now have to report your health insurance coverage on your 2014 taxes. and if you don't have coverage you face a penalty of $95 or 1% of your income whichever is higher. those penalties increase from year to year. "nbc nightly news" will air tonight without brian williams. >> he's taking himself off the broadcast for several days days after the anchor apologized for falsely saying on air that he was in a hl koptelicopter hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in 2003. nbc news has launched an vernl investigation. lester holt will take over. today we're asking you to chime in on the issue.
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what do you think nbc news should do about brian williams? nothing, suspend him or fire him? you can call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. you can also vote on and on our facebook page. here's a look at the results so far right now. if we have them for you. 73% say do nothing. 4% say suspend him. 23% believe he should be fired. well temperatures are below freezing. they'll stay below freezing as we go through tonight. so, we still have that first alert weather day out through tonight. this is because of freezing rain and drizzle moving in. any untreated surfaces will be icy. again, this does stay around for the next several hours. even a part of your morning commute tomorrow. temperatures through the lehigh valley mid to upper 20s. 29 in philadelphia. these numbers will not be going up. in fact will be staying below
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freezing. much of south jersey and delaware at or below freezing right now. and we have that moisture moving in. right now, most of it is north and west of the philadelphia area. most of it is coming in the form of sleet and freezing rain. now, again, this is dangerous on untreated surfaces because as this makes contact, it freezes forming at least a thin layer of ice. so, what i've circled here in yellow, you see the pink shading, even white here sleet and freezing rain or even a wintry mix for some of you. through the lehigh valley and parts of the allentown area also northampton county we're seeing some snow possibly. phillips burg some could be missing with sleet. it continues into parts of upper bucks county as well. we are watching this very disclosely. either way temperatures below freezing so this is sticking to the roadways. through parts of berks county we're seeing light snow falling here some could also be mixing with sleet. much of upper montgomery county still seeing areas of sleet or freezing rain. again, the untreated surfaces will be slick across 476 we're
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seeing that as well and this extends down into parts of chester county. across 76 in chester county malvern seeing this now developing. so, sleet or freezing rain is occurring here. this will continue to move towards the philadelphia area. now, through the philadelphia area mostly in parts of new jersey we do have some light areas of precip falling. gloucester township could be seeing some very light precip. sleet or freezing rain. this extends to pennsville. what we saw in new castle counties in delaware that has come to an end. we're watching the moisture move in from the west. most is on the light her side. it doesn't take much to be falling to get that glaze of ice along the roadways and sidewalks. especially on your windshield as you're driving. just be careful if you have to head out tonight. future weather continues with the moisture as we get closer to 9:00. mostly, i think, north and west of philadelphia. that will be the best bet for some slick roadways. again, those untreated roadways. early tomorrow morning, 5:00,
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6:00 in the morning, we could still see this occurring through parts of delaware. maybe extreme south jersey like cape may county. otherwise, i think a majority of the morning commute will be on the dry side. then we go through tomorrow afternoon, we're pretty much dry. wednesday afternoon, we're also going to be dry. then as we go into wednesday night, we start watching an area of snow off to our west. into the day thursday, that could be moving through. so we could see our next round of snow showers and even a mix with some rain as we go into the middle of the day on thursday. for tonight, freezing rain stays in the forecast. even freezing drizzle with that chance of sleet and snow around. kind of a wintery mix. tomorrow icy spots early but otherwise it will be a dry day. breezy and kind of cold. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. so, not as cold as today but the wind will make it feel a little colder. wednesday, we're sunny, near 40 degrees. on thursday, the next chance of snow, much colder by the end of the week. highs in the mid-20s.
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our next chance of snow again comes on saturday. john? >> thank you sheena. i'm john clark. steve mason headed for surgery? is michael carter-williams out again tonight? which nba star is getting mo'ne davis' autograph tonight? thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible
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i'm john clark. flyers' goalie steve mason could be out for a while. he'll have arthroscopic surgery on his knee to what is krong with it, according to comcast sportsnet. yesterday against washington, he skating around the bench and then felt something in his knee right there. this is his third injury in the
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last seven weeks. he had to be helped back to the locker room. it will be ray emory getting the start tomorrow night. you don't want to look too far ahead, you know. i'm always excited to play. don't want to see him get hurt but, you know we got a good test in montreal. and if you start looking past that, then you'll get ahead of yourself. so that's what i'm prepared for right now. >> the flyers have called up anthony, stolli the goalie will back him up. sixers host golden state warriors. tim frazer getting the start. mo'ne davis got to meet her favorite nba player pregame. she's signing the autograph for warrior staff city ofsteph curry. this will be golden state's
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got to be careful out there tonight. >> definitely do. temperatures are below freezing still. we're still seeing light drizzle. that's freezing drizzle. light rain moving in. temperatures will be staying in the 20s. tomorrow will be breezy dryer. 41 degrees for a high. next chance of snow would be thursday. the one after that right now does look like valentine's day, as a result. so, for tonight, be very careful if you're driving on the roadways. >> how do we feel about a white
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valentine's day? >> it's a good day to bundle up stay warm. >> for all of us at "nbc10 news." >> see you at 11:00. on the broadcast tonight, snow bound by another relentless winter storm. so much snow in boston they've run out of places to put it. and there's another big one on the way. dangerous skies as drones get way too high and way too close to passenger planes. a frightening new series of incidents posing serious risks nearome very big airports. marriage fight. same-sex weddings begin in the deep south amid cheers and protests in alabama. did the supreme court just tip its hand to how it will rule nationwide? and car hacking. modern technology making vehicles smarter but not necessarily safer. a new warning about what criminals can do while you're behind the wheel but not necessarily in control. "nightly


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